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Ruth Boswell
Creator / script editor
John Cooper
Producer / Director
Peter Fairley
Edouard Michael
Theme music composer
Victor Pemberton
Bruce Stewart

  Bruce Stewart - Writer
  BRUCE STEWART comes from New Zealand, and began his career as an entertainer in wartime concert parties in the Pacific area (in Pago-Pago he just failed to play on the same bill as Jack Benny). Afterwards he became an actor in theatre and radio in Sydney.

In the 1960s he journeyed to the UK with his wife and young family, where he continued to work as an actor, but also began scriptwriting. SHADOW OF A PALE HORSE, his TV play about a search for justice in the Australian outback, was an international success, winning the Edgar Allen Poe award in the US. (Later as a stage play it also won the Charles Henry Foyle award in the UK.).

A number of one-shot TV plays followed, among them THE DEVIL MAKES SUNDAY (ATV), THE SIN SHIFTER and JUNGLE JUICE (Thames), DAY OF THE DRONGO, OLD MAN MARCH IS DEAD, and HARP IN THE SOUTH, an adaptation of Ruth Park's novel.
In the sci-fi field, Bruce wrote PICTURES DON'T LIE (Thames), about aliens of miniature stature, THE TYCOONS (Thames) and ANDOVER'S ANDROID (BBC), both early comedies in the genre. LAMDA 1 (BBC) concerned a journey into atomic space, and THE DAEDALUS EQUATIONS concentrated on ESP. And then, as they say, came TIMESLIP.

Bruce Stewart has written over a hundred scripts for various TV series down the years. Among those he can 'bear to remember' are SHERLOCK HOLMES (2 series), SERGEANT CORK, a Victorian crime series, MANHUNT, about escapees in France in WW2, THE ONEDIN LINE, re-creating the great days of sail, and CROWN COURT, which speaks for itself.

He has never had much luck in the theatre, though THE HALLELUJAH BOY, about worker-priests in France, was at the Duchess in 1970, SHADOW OF A PALE HORSE has had one or two rep productions, and OUR ROMAN COUSINS, the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie (another Stewart, though spelt differently !) in his last drunken days in Italy, was performed in Australia. His novels similarly have never sold in their thousands, though A DISORDERLY GIRL, the saga of three generations of women from the convict era in Australia through to Europe in WW2, and THE HOT AND COPPER SKY, about a New Zealand family in the depression era, did 'respectably'.

From his Australian days on, Bruce Stewart has never ceased writing for radio. His scripts here are too numerous to list. Highlights of a 40 year association with the BBC might be: STARS IN MY HAIR (the story of Amy Johnson) - THE GALLOWS IN MY GARDEN (the literary row between Shaw, Wells, Belloc and Chesterton in the 20s) - NOW AND AT THE HOUR OF OUR BIRTH (Jim Jones and the Peoples' Temple suicide in Guyana) - HECTOR'S FIXED IDEA (Berlioz and the Romantics) - SPEAK LOW (Kurt Weill and Burt Brecht in the USA in the 1940s).

Bruce and his wife Helen raised their six children in Surrey. For a period afterwards they lived in Bath before finally settling on the South Coast, very close to the sea, carefully 'keeping one foot on the island'.

Bruce Stewart died peacefully in his sleep on 29th September, 2005

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