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Welcome to the Official Timeslip Website - dedicated to the classic 1970 Sci-Series!

We are an OFFICIALLY licensed site recognised by Carlton International Media Ltd., and we are endorsed by the cast and crew (many of whom have contributed or will be contributing to the site. We hope that you will find the site a useful resource about the series and we also hope to bring you a few surprises along the way. To celebrate the launch of the site, the series' creator Ruth Boswell is throwing a 'Timeslip' party which will see the cast and crew reunited for the first time in thirty-two years! Check back here to see the exclusive pictures and report on what the gang thought of the site!

Some areas of the site are still under construction so we hope you'll bear with us for a few weeks until we are up to speed, but to start us off, series' star Spencer Banks shares his memories of the series with us (see 'production')

See you on the other side of the time-barrier!

Best wishes - Paul, Andy & Steve

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