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Welcome to the Official Timeslip Website - dedicated to the classic 1970 Sci-Series!

Members of the original cast and crew of TIMESLIP were re-united at a special party on Sunday 2nd February 2003 to celebrate the creation of an all-new website dedicated to the classic seventies adventure series.

Many of the show's main stars were in attendance. These included Spencer Banks and Cheryl Burfield (who played teenagers, Simon and Liz) along with Cheryl's screen parents Iris Russell (Jean) and Derek Benfield (Frank). They were also joined by David Graham who played Controller 2957 (an older version of Simon) and Teri and Lesley Scoble who played Miss Stebbins/Alpha 16 and Alpha 17. From the production side, the show's creator and script-editor, Ruth Boswell (who hosted the reunion) was reunited with other members of the production team who included John Cooper (the producer), Bruce Stewart (the writer) and Ron Francis (one of three directors for the series). In many cases, people hadn't seen each other since the series wrapped over three decades ago. Sadly missing from the event was Denis Quilley who played the villain of the piece, Commander Traynor. Althoughlooking forward to attending, he was unable to make it due to ill health and all the gathered cast and crew signed a 'Get Well Soon' card to pass on to him!

The ground-breaking twenty-six part serial was originally broadcast on ITV in 1970 and, although repeated a few years later, has rarely been seen outside of SF conventions and archive video releases. However, Timeslip remains very much a part of the childhood memories of those who watched it. (Ask anyone over the age of thirty-five!)

More details about the series in general (as well as some interesting titbits even fans may not be aware of) can be found on the website in the faqs and trivia section.

The special reunion was sparked off by the creators of a new website dedicated to Timeslip who managed to track down most of the cast and crew during their reasearch. The site is officially sanctioned by the current owners of the Timeslip episodes, Carlton Visual Entertainment Ltd and gives the fondly remembered series a much needed voice on the world wide web.

It currently features an extensivley illustrated episode guide, a who's who of the featured cast along with new articles on the series' production and spin-offs. These include a specially written piece by actor Spencer Banks about his memories of working on the series when he was fifteen years old. Says Spencer, "Timeslip was a very special time. It produced a body of work that is still remembered, has provoked many happy memories and produced a life-long friendship. I will always remain proud of our contribution to the programme."

Spencer is thrilled by the efforts to create the website. He said, "The Timeslip website has been built with great care and attention to detail. Steve Hardy and the team are to be congratulated on producing a very professional site. The opportunity to revisit a body of work, which still holds many fond memories, has been a real pleasure.”

The website will feature many updates over the next year or so and maybe, one or two surprises sure to please the many children of the seventies who grew up wary of global warming, genetic engineering, laser tracking systems, cloning and scientific progress in general, thanks to the unique foresight of Timeslip!

For further information on the series and the website together with other feature opportunites, please contact Steve Hardy at

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Spencer Banks (wearing his original ‘Simon’ glasses’) &
Cheryl Burfield

Cheryl & her TIMESLIP screen parents, Derek Benfield
and Iris Russell

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