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Title Sequences

Opening Titles

Timeslip's title sequence is one of those simple yet iconic visuals that sixties and seventies television is still famous for.

Three dimensional blocks of computer lettering (specifically the ‘Retail’ font) spell out the series title as a rapidly moving overhead light source casts shadows, short and long, across them depicting the rapid passage of time…



This simple and short graphic was re-filmed several times during the course of the series… notably during the first episodes of The Time of the Ice Box and The Year of the Burn Up. For The Wrong End of Time, the lettering (placed on a neutral white background) was erected for taping on a table within the lounge set of the Bull Inn. (See picture below).

Each time it was re-shot, subtle differences occurred. The letters are further apart and the light source moves faster for The Year of the Burn Up whilst for The Time of the Ice Box, the second 'I' is upside down! (see colour screencaps)
After the main title, there would be a cut to a caption depicting the story title followed by another depicting the writer's credit. At no point during the series run were episode numbers given out on screen.

  For The Wrong End of Time, the captions were superimposed over shots of the derelict naval station.

The title appeared over the fence posts that marked out the position of the time barrier whilst Bruce Stewart's writer credit is shown over a shot of an out building.

  The Time of the Ice Box used two simple stock shots of ice fields.

  A specially made graphic depicting the sun was used on The Year of the Burn Up.

Story title appeared on the left of the screen as the camera panned across the glowing sun to reveal Stewart's (and later Victor Pemberton's) credit on the right.

  The Day of the Clone displayed its title captions over a static shot of a diagram of a human male; a diagram that Traynor finds in a later episode.

From part two, the captions appeared blurred at first before being brought sharply back into focus.

  Commercial Break

The commercial breaks were not included in the nineties video releases. Occasionally though, sloppy editing revealed their position through the tailing off of the theme music.

Usually the music used was shorter edits of the opening and end themes.

End Credits

The end titles remained virtually the same throughout the series' run. Only the background images changed to reflect the story. The Timeslip logo filled the top quarter of the picture and the cast and production credits rolled upwards and disappeared into it.

The Wrong End of Time invariably used a neutral black background though episode one saw the credits rolling over a static studio shot of a radar screen, which formed part of the episode's cliffhanger.

  For The Time of the Ice Box, it was the same photographic slide of ice fields that was used under the story title caption at the episode's start that formed the background.

The Year of the Burn Up used a selection of similar shots of jungle foliage. As the serial progressed the foliage was seen to become more and more dry and dead looking until episode seven when a version of the opening sun graphic was utilised. Episode eight's end credits rolled over a black background.

The Day of the Clone saw the human male graphic used from the opening whilst the final episode's credits (fittingly) rolled over the final shot of the Ministry field as the cast slowly walk away from the time barrier.


(B&W captions re-coloured by Andy Thompson)

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