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Timeslip: Maid of Falmouth Comic Strip
The Fourth full Timeslip strip

Timeslip: Egypt Comic Strip
The Third full Timeslip strip

Timeslip - The DVDs
Carlton Visual Entertainment Ltd released Timeslip on DVD on Monday 19th July 2004.
The series came in a four-disc box set and featured newly remastered episodes, which included the rarely seen and sole surviving, colour episode 12. There were also some limited extras on the release, which included a photo gallery and map of St. Oswald.

Timeslip: Robot World Comic Strip
The second full Timeslip strip.

Timeslip: Caveman Comic Strip

The Official Timeslip Website is proud to present the first full story of the fondly remembered 'Timeslip' strip that appeared in 'Look-in' magazine in 1971. The other 'Look-in' stories will be appearing on this website shortly, so stay tuned! We would like to gratefully acknowledge the help afforded us by Mark Winterton (at IPC Media Ltd.), Michael Noble, Shaqui and Robert Moubert. NB - The original comic strips were printed without actual story titles and the ones used throughout the Timeslip website are arbitary ones used by this site for consistant identification.

Timeslip - The Videos

The complete Timeslip series was released as four double pack videos during the early nineties by ITC Home Video. Depending on where you purchased them form you could buy them for around £16.99.

Timeslip - The Novel
Pan Books published a novel based on Timeslip to coincide with the series in 1970. It was based on the first two serials, 'The Wrong End of Time' and 'The Time of the Ice Box'.

Timeslip - Look-in

When the ITV listings magazine TV Times launched it's junior version called "Look-in" in January 1971, they created a comic that was to become as much a part of seventies pop culture as space hoppers, chopper bikes and space dust. "Look-in" featured an eclectic mix of text articles on pop and TV stars of the time, posters, and comic strips based on current ITV favourites that over the years included the likes of Benny Hill, Space: 1999, Mind Your Language, The A-Team, Enid Blyton's Famous Five, The Bionic Woman and The Tomorrow People to name but seven…

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