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Timeslip - The DVDs

Carlton Visual Entertainment Ltd released Timeslip on DVD on Monday 19th July 2004.

The series came in a four-disc box set and featured newly remastered episodes, which included the rarely seen and sole surviving, colour episode 12. There were also some limited extras on the release, which included a photo gallery and map of St. Oswald.

With a couple of exceptions, the releases have seen some very positive reviews in the press and Spencer Banks has done a number of press interviews to publicise the release.

We asked four top writers from the world of cult television to air their views in written form for us. They all refused point blank so we got these guys to put finger to keyboard....

The Wrong End of Time by David Convery

The Time of the Ice Box by Richard Smith

The Year of the Burn Up by Andy Thompson

The Day of the Clone by Steve Hardy

You might want to visit our TimeslipTalk forum to air your own views on the DVDs and the series itself.

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